The Big Lunch

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Invite your mum, call up your long lost friend, email your address book, send out the memo at work; we’re all meeting at the park for a bite to eat…. it’ll be great to meet you!! I’ll make sure i bring a little extra grub to share.

Sunday, 19th July – Russell Park, at 1pm on Sunday – Transition Bedford will be hosting our Big Lunch.  Come join us and find out about community action in your areas. You can go to the following link, locate the icon which is placed in Russel Park and register if your going to attend.

How Sharing Lunch Spreads the word on Sustainability

Local community members; directors, artists, gardeners, parents, activists, teachers etc….. have decided to spread the word on how to live a more green lifestyle by taking part in an Eden Project initiative called “The Big Lunch”. The plan is for as many people as possible across the UK to sit down to lunch with their friends and neighbours, on one day – Sunday, 19th July.

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The emphasis being on local and preferably organic, home-produced food, this seemed like a good opportunity for the newly formed Transition Bedford to organise something. Zero Carbon Castle and other community groups are part of the newly-formed umbrella organisation called Transition Bedford, a group set up to support those community members who want to work together to respond to Climate Change and Peak Oil (literally the point at which world oil production peaks before permanently declining) by finding ways to live more sustainably and without such reliance on oil. “Food is an important way in which we can all lessen our Carbon Footprint,” said a Zero Carbon spokesperson. “More and more of us care about the quality of our food and this includes the quality, the miles it has travelled, the pesticides used, the packaging as well as how sustainably it is produced.

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We hope that as many people as possible will rise to the challenge of bringing something locally- sourced – but if not, of bringing any food to share.” For those interested the lunch party will be in Russell Park, at 1pm on Sunday 19th July, in the grassy area behind the Eat Fish restaurant. For more info on that, other Transition Bedford activities or Transition Bedford go to To find out more about Zero Carbon Castle – Watch this short video to find out more about the Transition Network Or go to

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  1. Hi there – is there any plan b for the big lunch if the monsoon continues til Sun?


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