Transition Castle, Bedford and East Anglia

The following post has been taken from the Zero Carbon Castle website and is directly relevant to Transition Bedford

Zero Carbon Castle recently joined nearly 200 communities across the globe in becoming official Transition initiatives, with hundreds more mulling it over.


Infact, we decided to apply at the end of 2007 but being busy, as ever, we’ve only got around to applying now. Would anything be different had we applied earlier? Probably not. This begs the question, what, if anything will change now we’re part of the Transition Network.

The three key aspects as i see it are;

1. Isolated we’re less motivated or conversely being one of many inspires us onwards and upwards. There’s a sense of optimism as we become more and more aware that we’re part of a viral growth in community groups reacting to the joint environmental imperatives of climate change, peak oil, resource depletion and ecosystem breakdown. The article linked is certainly inspiring.

2. We can cross fertilize and find support from our regional neighbours, as one of the first examples of a regional network has just formed in East Anglia through Transition East. Anyone interested in keeping connected should join the Transition East Google group.

Transition East get together March 2009
Transition East open space

3. We’re heading down a transitional path were there are no elders to guide the way and while no one has all the answers, the Transition Network offers vital experience, with groups often 1 or  2 paces ahead, able to give insights into mistakes made, successes and achievements. See the transition handbook. This link is to a free copy of the transition handbook, which provides a grounded, non prescriptive framework for working as a community. Fittingly, in an increasingly collaborative world, the book  is placed on an editable wiki much like wikipedia, so you can, if you want, take part in editing the next edition. “This is not just a book, it’s a manual for a movement” Mark Lynas.

As the transition movement picks up spead, it begs a second question, what about transition Bedford?

Photos courtesy of Transition Ely, with lots more images and a write up of the Transition East event.


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