First ever Transition Bedford meeting

The first ever Transition Bedford meeting is ready for the 22nd of June at the very beautiful Bunyan Museum and Church on Mill St in the town center. If you’ve never heard of the Transition Network take a look at this video clip for an introduction.

This an open meeting – free to attend – bring drinks and snacks to share and any photos and flyers of ongoing projects in your community. The overarching question is “Can Bedford transition to a sustainable and vibrant community?”

The first ever Transition Bedford meeting is ready for the 22nd of June at the very beautiful Bunyan Museum and Church on Mill St in the town center. If you've never heard of the Transition Network take a look at this video clip for an introduction.

Transition Bedford Poster

The Bunyan Museum has good town centre access for cycling and public transport and great big windows so no lighting needed.


6pm Pre event drinks, networking and viewing of photos of varying community projects from across Bedford Borough
7pm A short film intro to the Transition Network
7.20 Intro to Zero Carbon Castle by Peter Bull co-founder
7.15pm Presentation Shaun Chamberlin (TBC) author of The Transition Timeline
7.45pm Community mapping – ideas, opportunities, resources, needs and visions of a sustainable, vibrant and resilient Bedford
8.45pm Where now? Final session

Shaun Chamberlin, author of Transition Timeline, has agreed in principal to come down and do a talk. We’re just confirming details. I’ve invited our very own Peter Bull to introduce ZCC. I’ll show a quick 15 min film that gives a real idea of the achievements of the globally expanding transition network. However, it’s truly impossible to grasp just what an amazing network this is becoming. The main thrust of the evening will be a community mapping session, designed to give us a first base understanding of local goals and resources etc.

Who is the event for?

The event is open to all from Bedford Borough and rural parishes who want to respond to climate change; residents, politicians, activists, business people and members of NGO’s and charities alike.

What you can do

There are no guarantees that Transition Bedford will go forward from this point. The meeting is very much an experiment and a test bed to see what kind of ground the Transition Bedford seed falls on. There are several things that you can do to engage and support this initiative;

  1. Attend the event
  2. Join the Transition Bedford discussion group and your thoughts and support.
  3. If you have a website, email list or even a physical or online notice board post up details. There’s an A4 poster here and the A5 flyer here print them off and distribute o email text from this blog post.
  4. If you’re part of a residents group or community allotment or any green related projects bring photos and flyers to the event and stick them up on the wall so we can network.
  5. If know of any people that avidly working to for the better of their community in the face of climate change and you think they must attend this event please get in contact with Shane Hughes, we have a limited number of Transition Handbooks we’d like to send out with the invite to keynote contributors.
  6. Add content to the Transition Bedford website. Again contact Shane.
  7. If you’re interested in helping in anyway speak to the Transition Bedford discussion group, we’d love to hear from you.

The key to this event is personal one to one contact with people that you know, who you think are relevant, so please do spread the word. Look through your contacts and start sending out invites to friends and collegues. Do you have an email list of a notice board? All in all if we can get 30 or more people there we should have an interesting evening. That said the room can take up to 100 people. We’re not looking for hundreds of spectators, it’s about a few do’ers… See the full article to view a full size image of the poster.

The challenges of climate change and peak oil demand local action on a truly planetary scale. Residents from across the globe are joining together in thousands of community groups, creating positive change and transforming their neighbourhoods, respecting local food, local crafts, local history and culture… … …come and find out about their inspirational examples and help answer the most pressing question of our time


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sadoldhippy on June 29, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Thought the meeting went really well. Thanks to everyone pitching in! Hopefully this is the start of something long-term.

    As Emma Goldman said “I don’t want your revolution if I can’t dance to it”
    Have Fun


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